Frightmare: Colorado's Premiere Haunted Attraction

Have you ever felt that unexplained cold chill run down your spine? You think someone is watching you, but you turn around and no one is there. Or is there?

Since the death of Frightmare's original creator, the Halloween attraction has been plagued by unexplained, supernatural occurrences. Paranormal teams have declared the grounds of Frightmare haunted-literally. But even in its condemned state, we welcome you back to experience the terror. Prepare for your worst fear to become reality as Frightmare presents "A New Breed of Horror." This Halloween season the dead are on the move, lurking around every corner. Encounter flesh-starved zombies and blood-sucking creatures in the cornfields and swamplands. Travel through the authentic, haunted barn to experience both the supernatural and the unnatural.

Come see why Colorado has rated Frightmare #1 for the past 27 years. Located at 108th and Old Wadsworth Blvd. in Westminster. Experience Colorado's one and only real haunted house.

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Frightmare - 108th & Old Wadsworth, Westminster, CO - 303.GO SCARE